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Lishui senwei industry&trading co.,Ltd

Lithium battery With the highest capacity available

With the highest capacity available, the battery and its harness are revolutionising the electric market,guarantees performance, ergonomics and battery life that revolutionise the use of portable power tools for professionals.

User-friendly harness, optimal mobility
The new, ergonomic and lightweight N+ harness offers an ideal level of comfort when in use. Its weight is perfectly distributed over the key back support areas, so 70% of the weight rests on the hips, with only 30% on the shoulders. The user-friendly settings for the entire carrying system, from the straps to the thoracic spine area, can be adjusted for any shape and working styles. The battery is also reversible within the harness, making it easy to work close to the ground with tools such as the blower and the cultivator. What makes this harness unique is that it rests on a rotatable pivot between the shoulder blades, which provides the shoulders with freedom of movement. ‘Control’ straps placed on the shoulders hold the battery securely on the operator’s back to cancel out the effects of the battery weight.

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