FG-CG44F-5A Multifuctional brush cutter Side Attached Brush Cutters

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FG-CG44F-5A Multifuctional brush cutter Side Attached Brush Cutters

  • Category: brush cutter
  • Trademark:sentway
  • Power Source:gasoline engine
  • Cutting Type: Straight Metal Blade
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Product Manual:FG-CG44F-5A Multifuctional brush cutter Side Attached Brush Cutters,freedom: the end of the hassle of untangling and risk of cutting the cable Self-locked switch: avoid start-up machine by accident
1.2kw Lithium Battery Hedge Trimmer Brush Cutter for professional Market

Engine type: single cylinder,air-cooledtwo-stroke

Engine model: IE44F-5

Engine Displacement: 51.7cc

Engine power:1.4kw/6500rpm  

ldling Speed :2800rpm±200rpm

Carburetor type:diaphragm type

Starting system:Recoiled,iuauel

Fuel tank capacity:1200ml

Gasoline:Engine oil=25:1


Spark plug type:BM6A

Packing sizecolorbox35|*25*38cm


Working pole caton:166*10*11cm


Quantity per carton:1pcs

Working bar size:26*L1500*1.5mm

Carrying type:Side-attached

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