FS120 200 250 Bike Handle Trimmer Brush Cutter

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Lishui senwei industry&trading co.,Ltd

FS120 200 250 Bike Handle Trimmer Brush Cutter

  • Category: brush cutter
  • Trademark:sentway
  • Power Source:gasoline engine
  • Cutting Type: Straight Metal Blade
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Product Manual:FS250 Bike Handle Trimmer Brush Cutter ,mainly order outdoor power equipments such as CHAINSAW,BRUSH CUTTER,EARTH AUGERS,ETC. and aftermarket replacement parts too.

Product Description

FS120 / FS200 / FS250 Bike Handle Brush Cutter / Trimmer / Grass Trimmer

Long-Life Cylinders

Interchangeable Gearboxes

Superior Balance&Design

High-Tech Polymer Housings

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