1.2kw 29AH 36V Lithium Battery Hedge Trimmer  for professional Market

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1.2kw 29AH 36V Lithium Battery Hedge Trimmer for professional Market

  • Category:Lithium battery hedge trimmer
  • Trademark:sentway
  • Power Source:36v battery
  • Scissor Type:single
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Product Manual:1.2kw Lithium Battery Hedge Trimmer for professional Market ,The batteries are guaranteed emissions-free. They store electrical power for communities, landscapers, farmers, and tourist complexes. The
1.2kw Lithium Battery Hedge Trimmer Brush Cutter for professional Market
 long running time electric grass cutter machine  with battery backpack,can be worked 8 to 10 hours one times ,for main industry market not home work.best quality fast shipping very popular
Compare to traditional gasoline diesel grass trimmer, electric grass trimmer is environmental protection saving engery and no gasoline smell, easy to use, light, high power, low noise, sharp blade, fast speed, no pain, thus win customer satisfaction and praise.
Use a electric string trimmer to get to the grass and weeds that your lawn mower can't reach. You're minutes away from finding the best string trimmer for your needs.

Li-Ion hedge trimmers

Our range of cordless hedge trimmers includes smaller shrub shears, compact, lightweight trimmers, and more. Whether you are a professional or a demanding garden owner,  cordless trimmers can help you get the job done. Both the H65 and H75 live up to professional standards for cutting performance and working comfort. The wide tooth spacing and droplet-shaped cutter geometry holds twigs more effectively in the teeth for powerful cutting performance - these cordless hedge trimmers have it all. Three amazing high-performance features have been combined in our trimmers: a powerful 36 V Lithium-Ion battery, a constant stroke rate and long, diamond-finished special cutters with impressive cutting capacity. The result: first-class hedge cutting performance. Mobile, light and powerful. That's the all-round quality that sentway is proud of.

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