Portable 72.2cc 3.9kw 14Inch Cut Off Saw Machine

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Portable 72.2cc 3.9kw 14Inch Cut Off Saw Machine

  • Category:Cut off saw
  • Trademark:sentway
  • Power :72.2cc/3.9kw
  • Condition:Brand New
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Product Manual:Portable 72.2cc 3.9kw 14Inch Cut Off Saw Machine ,Petrol circular cut-off saw concrete cutter, powered by gasoline engine is the most popular type of cutting saws for firefighting and emergency rescue

Portable 72.2cc 3.9kw 14Inch Cut Off Saw Machine

Displacement 72.2cc
Max power 3.9kw/9300rpm
Fuel tank capacity 700ml
Blade dianeter 14''(350mm)
Max cutting depth 14''(350mm)
W/O blade weight 9.3kgs
Idle speed 2500rpm
cutting way one blade




Grinding wheel blade/Diamond saw blade

Mainly being used in municipal construction, emergency rescue, public security forcible entry, road & bridge construction, housing emolition, gardon work, power lines repair similar situation where there is no electricity.

·         The concrete cutter can work in water;

·         Can cut concrete, cement, pitch, metal(such as cast iron, stainless steel, copper bar, aluminum bar and non-ferrous metal).

·         With application of particular frame and wheels the cutter can cut on the road surface;

·         Both vertical and horizontal cutting are accepted.

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